Gear Two

If day one of COTY (as it’s affectionally known) was the bass drum of a rock song, then the second day would most definitely have been the rhythmic guitar, providing a constant beat and adding chordal fills throughout the day. Day two was off to a great start once again, this time with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S snagging the first drive for the day (not necessarily an indication of its popularity, but a feel-good pat on the back nonetheless), with the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Spyder hot on its heels.

Then came the dreaded afternoon rain. Instead of dampening the drivers’ spirits, the rain proved to be a handy ‘obstacle’ as drivers navigated the concrete terrain. Unsurprisingly, each car held the fort and snaked through the eastern drive route (which, fittingly enough, saw them head to Fort Road) and traffic with ease, as seen in the Range Rover Sport video below.

Said one of the VVIP guests from Marina Bay Sands after his drive, “The Jaguar F-Pace was surprisingly nimble and sporty but yet remained impressively smooth.”

Throughout the day, while guests held each of the cars in high regard, the Huracan received the highest praise when it came to having the best exterior and interior.

Tomorrow’s showcase will see esteemed guests from RHB bank and Robb Report taking their turns, driving both eastern and western routes throughout the day.

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Published 14 September, 2016
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